Becoming a LifeStar Provider

As therapists and professionals in the field of sex addiction recovery, we have a front-row-seat to the damage and devastation pornography, sexual compulsive behaviors, and sex addiction have on individuals and families.  Yet through the wreckage, we also have the opportunity and privilege to play a small part in the miracle of recovery and healing.  Therapists involved in LifeStar all share in the vision of bringing hope, healing, and recovery to as many people as possible, as efficiently as possible.  This is what we do at LifeStar!

The LifeStar Program provides therapists with powerful and proven tools to bring the miracle of recovery and healing to those with whom they are serving.  Some of the benefits of being a LifeStar Provider include:

  • Exclusive licensing rights to the LifeStar program and curriculum to specifically provide in your area
  • Membership into a cohesive group of intelligent and experienced therapists working together to provide the best care and recovery opportunity in the industry
  • The opportunity of both receiving and providing current information and trainings relative to treating clients in the most effective and efficient ways possible
  • Become part of a nationally and internationally established brand and company with over 20 years of experience and presence in the industry
  • Resource availability to help you efficiently set up and run both your private practice and your clinic
  • Share in a national and international client referral system
  • Bring hope, healing, and recovery to more people than could ever be possible on your own

If you are a Therapist interested in becoming a LifeStar Provider, CONTACT US today!